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Boss Alysha Baldwin

Alysha has always had her hands in hair ever since she was a little girl. While she begged her friends to allow her to braid their hair, she was able to influence her mom and nieces to more creative and unique styles.  

Alysha grew up in Temple Hills, MD. She later moved to Baltimore, MD to attend the University of Maryland Baltimore College, majoring in Environmental Science.  It wasn’t long after that Alysha fell back on her first love, HAIR! Her enthusiasm and love for hair, beauty, and styling continued to grow, leading her to enroll in cosmetology school, and become a proud graduate of Paul Mitchell the School. Alysha has been a dedicated stylist ever since and continues to influence many with her talents.

Anyone who meets Alysha immediately recognizes her down-to-earth and upbeat energy. She keeps conversations interesting and fun. Her dynamic with each client is diverse and natural, which reflects her personality. Alysha believes when clients come to the salon, it is important for them have a relaxed and enjoyable experience while engaging in conversation and enhancing their inner Boss.

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